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Our Services

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Credit & Conversation Live Events

One on One

Consulting Sessions

Our One on One Sessions Cover:

  • Understanding your consumer rights and laws (FCRA, FDCPA, FTC, and CROA)

  • Know how to read and audit your credit reports

  • Understand the credit clean up and rebuilding process

  • Develop effective credit bureau dispute letters

  • Add positive trade lines to your credit

And More...

Workshops & Events

Credit and Conversation educates consumers from high school students to adults in credit education, how to better manage their money, set up a spending budget, how to understand their credit report, how to look for errors on credit reports, and how to dispute inaccuracies . Credit and Conversation is dedicated to equipping consumers with knowledge on all credit laws FCRA , FDCPA, CROA, and debt collection practice. Our goal is to strengthen consumers financial well-being with credit literacy . Equipping consumers with knowledge to successfully manage their credit rating .

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Customized Pricing

We understand that everyone's credit situation is unique and we charge clients based on a sliding scale for the amount of work that needs to be done. We offer free advice and workshops also. Schedule your free strategy sessions to go over your specific needs today.

Your Success Begins with Good Credit

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How Our Clients Use Their Good Credit... 

Buying New Homes With Low Interest Rates

Securing Lines of Credit to Start or Grow A Business  

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New Vehicles With Affordable Payments and Low Interest rates

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Success Begins Here.

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